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Last updated: January 01, 2017

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Experience the only real, organic Mind Mapping tool from the inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan. Using an intuitive workspace and lots of visual stimulation, iMindMap is the perfect tool for all thinking tasks. Become more productive, creative and organised and join the millions already Mind Mapping.

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2017. iMindMap 10 provides 5 mind map views

The new version of mind-mapping software iMindMap 10 has been released. It's five views – Fast Capture, Mind Map, Presentation, Brainstorm and Time Map – each offer a unique work space for you to spark, develop and execute your greatest ideas into new year successes. Capture View allows to explore every initial thought, Brainstorm View - to organise and refine ideas with flexibilty, Mind Map View - formulate, plan, prioritise and develop, Time Map View - tick off actionable tasks along a linear workflow. Want to share your goals with your team or colleagues? Switch to Presentation View to engage others with your new year plans.

2016. iMindMap imroves idea capturing

With the new brain-friendly Fast Capture View, and an additional three views to take your pick from – Brainstorm, Mind Map and Presentation View – iMindMap 9 has transformed into an all-encompassing, intuitive workspace. One of the biggest additions to iMindMap 9 is the brand new Fast Capture View, designed to keep distractions at a minimum, as to not interrupt your thought process so you can capture ideas quickly. Our reviewers were impressed with its speed and ability to help the user focus on tasks. The Outline Panel boasts a faster and easier way to locate, edit, group and move ideas. Available in Fast Capture, Brainstorm and Mind Map View, the Outline Panel is geared to support your thinking, something our reviewers agree with.

2015. iMindMap allows to improve teamwork with flowchart

Mind-mapping app iMindMap adds new powerful brainstorming, Mind Mapping and presentation features, but it also has another secret weapon; flowcharts. The flowchart feature offers another creative way for you to capture, consolidate and organise information. Drag and drop your flowchart shapes from the Properties Panel on the right hand side, drawing relationship arrows as you go. To draw relationship arrows, simply hover over a shape and drag your arrow to the shape you want it to connect to. Flowcharts are an invaluable tool to improve your teamwork. Below, we explain why you should use them within iMindMap to highlight the responsibilities of the individuals within your team and plan projects to perfection.