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Last updated: November 12, 2017

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SimpleMind is the world leader in cross platform Mind Mapping tools. Analyze your thoughts and structure them with SimpleMind. The unique free lay-out allows you to organize your ideas exactly how you want it.

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Recent SimpleMind news:

2017. SimpleMind adds contact links and PDF bookmarks import

Mind mapping service SimpleMind announced some new improvements in its Pro version. First is Adding links to contacts that's available on iPad/ iPhone, Android and Mac. It allows to link mind map item to contact in you prone, email or other contact lists. Besides SimpleMind Pro can now import the table of contents of a .pdf on Dropbox on Google Drive. SimpleMind creates a new topic for each bookmark with a link back to that page in the .pdf. This requires an official Table of Contents in the .pdf.

2017. SimpleMind adds progress checkboxes

The new version of mind-mapping app SimpleMind for all our supported platforms is out. In this release the developers primarily focused on enhancing checkboxes and how they can be used in topics. It now supports progress checkboxes (0-100%) and Roll-up progress checkboxes that automatically calculate the progress by averaging progress of the child topics. Additionally a date can now be set on a topic and there is an additional way to insert a sibling topic where the sibling is inserted before the current topic in the parent.

2017. SimpleMind adds tree-view for tasks

A new version of mind-mapping app SimpleMind is available for all our supported platforms. In this release the developers have primarily focused on the outline view, report generation and printing enhancements. Checkboxes are now shown in the outline, thereby turning it into a hierarchical checklist. You can also apply a filter that shows only topics that are checked and/or unchecked.

2016. SimpleMind integrates with Google Drive

The new version of mind-mapping app SimpleMind allows to use Google Drive to synchronize with other devices. This is available for all platforms on which Google Drive and SimpleMind work: Android, iPad/iPhone, Mac, Windows. Other new features include diamond and cloud border shapes, rounded corners in angled paths, redesigned Preferences panel, performance improvement for large mind maps, using standard iOS image picker for picking images, ability to pick images from Clouds. SimpleMind also supports Dropbox for maps synchronization.

2012. SimpleMind - the new Freemind alternative

SimpleMind is a new mind-mapping too that offers $31 desktop version, along with free and paid ($5) Android and iOS versions for working on your mind maps on the go. Vendor ModelMaker Tools managed to keep SimpleMind true to its name, avoiding features such as node tags or complex property sheets. The desktop version uses a very similar editing interface to the mobile one. There's just a single toolbar, and you can do most operations without clicking any of its buttons. To create a new node, just select an existing one and double-click anywhere besides it. To collapse or edit a node, select it and use the quick-action buttons that pop up around it.  To ease collaboration, SimpleMind can export and import Freemind files, but that means you can't have multiple people working on the mind map at the same time. In the end, SimpleMind's one distinguishing feature is its mobile app support.