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Last updated: September 12, 2011

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Backed by 14 years of Mind Mapping software development, NovaMind is built from the ground up to help you brainstorm, collect and organize ideas, develop and implement plans, and communicate them to others.

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2011. NovaMind adds iCal synchronization

NovaMind Software released NovaMind 5 for Mac, which has been rebuilt from the ground up with many innovative new features that no one else on this platform offers. This new version represents the most significant upgrade to NovaMind for Mac in its history. It enables with a number of design support systems that operate quietly in the background as you build and edit your mind map. NovaMind has redesigned everything about topics, too, in version 5 to give you another level of freedom in customizing the look of your mind maps. Besides, it now enables you to synchronize checkboxes in your mind map with to-do items in iCal and tasks with events in iCal. There are three editions of NovaMind: Express, Pro, and Platinum, designed to suit the needs of customers from individuals and schools, through small and medium sized business right up to large businesses.

2007. NovaMind gets Next-Generation interface

NovaMind has packed the newest version of its flagship mind mapping software for Windows with a bevy of features that should make it very attractive to business users. This new release incorporates dozens of productivity-enhancing features, including a slick new “ribbon” toolbar that resembles the one used in Microsoft’s New Office 2007 applications. The new Brainstorming mode allows to quickly enter a large number of ideas into your map, without the program getting in the way. You can move and reshape your map branches with a great deal of creative freedom and use Ctrl-arrow keys to make fine adjustments to the position of individual branches. A unique “snap lines” feature helps you to vertically align branches to each other. Also NovaMind for Windows now allows you to create a list of resources (people, facilities, supplies, etc.) and then assign them to individual map branches.