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Last updated: December 26, 2013

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Mindly helps organize your inner universe. Like planets that circle around sun, moons around planets, each concept gets its place in a natural, hierarchical structure. Like an expanding universe, our thoughts evolve fast. One concept leads to another and soon we have a universe of thoughts in our minds.

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2013. Mindly for iOS reworks mind maps for small screens

Mindly - the new mind mapping app for iOS allows users to quickly and easily map out projects using notes, images or icons attached to any element of a project. It offers support for an infinite hierarchy of elements within a project, as well as allowing the user to set individual color schemes for each. Users can also make use of the visual clipboard to quickly reorganize content. Once you’re done, the mind map can then be exported as a PDF or image. There’s also iCloud support for syncing to Apple’s cloud storage too. The company says that by focusing on making the UI simple and clutter-free, users will be free to focus on their ideas and concepts, rather than keeping track of different elements of a project.