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Last updated: April 11, 2016

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Mind Vector, the free mind mapping software grants you the power to represent your ideas and concepts in a unique way. Utilize this potent tool to capture key information and unique ideas visually. Mind Vector is the most advanced tool for learning, planning, problem-solving and decision-making, trusted by 500,000+ users worldwide.

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2016. Mind Vector adds new visualizers

The new version of the mind mapping software for iOS Mind Vector v 2.3 is now live on the App Store with new visualizers. Star Tree View - is the unique visualizer is impeccable to view the entire data set in a single screen. View large hierarchical structures and big data sets in the most effective manner with Star Tree. It also provides a detailed and contextual view of a classification structure at once. Bubble View allows to view nodes of a particular section on a map? Try Bubble view. This mode is a great presentation asset that allows you to showcase complete data of a particular group of nodes. Simply move from one bubble to the next and present the facts and figures quickly and effectively during a presentation. The Space View is also known as the Top-down View. It displays the information in a pyramid format i.e., with the root node at the top and child and sub-nodes at the bottom. It is helpful in visualizing the maps as a hierarchical structure.