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Last updated: November 08, 2017

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MindGenius lets you manage your project from inception to delivery with features to help you understand the Project Scope, prepare your WBS, schedule tasks and manage your project to completion. A structured methodology to collectively discuss and view a challenge from different perspectives to find the best solution possible.

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MindJet MindManager
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2017. MindGenius 6 - complete mind-mapping solution for project management

Windows mind-mapping software with project management features - MindGenius was updated to v.6. MindGenius 6 ticks all of the basic features boxes including mind map formatting options, filters, exporting, addition of pictures/icons/files, node comments and so on. With a push of a button it is possible to convert your mind map into a Gantt chart, replete with the usual accoutrements – start/due dates, task durations and resources. Mindgenius has the price of premium Mind mapping software ($235) with the associated premium features bolted on to it’s mind mapping foundation. Those features are primarily project management functions and a wealth of import/export options. Those functions need to be working well to both justify a price that would make your wallet wince and to compete with the big dogs of the industry such as Mindjet’s Mindmanager.